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Guidelines and tips to improve your self esteem as a student

Guidelines and tips to improve your self esteem as a student

Students are typically confused concerning what approach to use so to improve their self esteem. Guidelines and tips to improve self esteem as a student. In a nutshell, self esteem can be said to be a way of appreciating yourself for who you are, your faults...
definition of Stress

Top unique definition of Stress and how to manage your Time as a Student

It doesn’t make sense to overburden yourself whereby your health and well being is being overlooked and neglected. The proper understanding of stress management and time control as a student, will go a long...

Ways to combine leisure and studies

Contrary to common belief that you have to focus on just your studies when in school, it is also as important for you to make the best of your time in school by also...

Global Excellence Scholarship for Nigerians at University of Dundee in UK

The University of Dundee is a public research university based in the city and Royal burgh of Dundee on the east coast of the central Lowlands of Scotland. Global Excellence Scholarship for Nigerian students. The...

Accredited Universities in Nigeria With Websites

 Accredited Universities in Nigeria With Websites  Avail yourself the opportunity to check below for lists of all the accredited Universities in Nigeria with their various  websites, Vice Chancellors and year founded. The list contains Federal,...
websites for nigerian students

Top 10 Resourceful Websites for Nigerian Students

The internet has grown to become the best paddy when it boils down to research and networking. Whether you are looking for an obscure topic for your project, or answers to some pressing questions...

14 tips to boost your performance on the day of examination

After attending classes and taking lectures or studying hard and preparing adequately, the day of the examination has finally come. While it may seem like everything is in order there are still tiny mistakes...

5 Best College Majors for a Lucrative Career in Nigeria

Most students, especially fresh graduates from high school, do not have the adequate information, to enable them make the right choice of course for their career. On many occasions, we have seen fresh college...
The key features of Educational fulfillment as a Student

The key features of Educational fulfillment as a Student

Education could be defined briefly as the manner of observing, studying and acquiring facts, truth, and exposure in a systematic way through laid down guidelines (curriculum). Education in the smart sense or feel is an act or process that has a formative impact at the thoughts, maturity, character or physical competence of a person....

BEA Scholarship Awards for Nigerians to Study Abroad, 2017

BEA Awards for Nigerians to Study Abroad, 2017 The Federal Ministry of Education is very happy to announce BEA  scholarship Awards for Nigerians to study abroad. The Scholarships are available to pursue both undergraduate and...

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