After attending classes and taking lectures or studying hard and preparing adequately, the day of the examination has finally come. While it may seem like everything is in order there are still tiny mistakes that needs to be avoided before and during the examination that can greatly affect your performance.

No matter how hard you prepare for an examination, it is possible that your performance might not reflect the hard work spent in preparing for it. Here are 14 tips to boost your performance on the day of examination.  

  1. Keep the date and time in mind to avoid confusing them.

A lot of people actually confuse or completely forget the date or time of an examination, it is safer to just note it down on the calender or set a reminder a week to in order not to miss the date and time.

  1. Endeavor to wake up early on the day of the examination.

Get enough rest the night before and wake up early, this gives you enough time to get dressed and puts you in the right mindset to excel, without rushing to keep to time.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

For no reason should you skip breakfast, at least not today. A balanced breakfast to help refresh your brain is ideal. Completely avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable, in order to avoid distractions.

  1. Double check to make sure you packed everything.

Essentials such as stationery, id, letters or required documents to be presented are to be doubled checked to ensure that they are on you. Better safe than sorry.

  1. Be at the venue with plenty of time to spare.

No need to wait till its few minutes to begin the examination before you arrive the venue. You never can tell what you might encounter on the way there or on arriving just before. In order to avoid unforeseen hitches, try and arrive at least an hour before the examination begins.

  1. Avoid people who are unnecessarily tensed.

While waiting for the exams to start interact only with people who seem fully prepared for it, they can help boost your performance unlike those panicking and uncertain.

  1. Use the toilet before

Empty your bladder and bowel, before sitting for the exams. This is really important because you need all the time you can get and don’t want to be going to the toilet when the exams begin.

  1. Clearly fill out all required information.

Information such as name and numbers should be boldly and clearly written to avoid misinterpretations by the examiner.

9. Read all questions and instructions clearly

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