Hurray! Christmas is here again, its another December to remember especially when it boils down to your health and lifestyle. Here, we discuss the 6 Good Ways to Stay Healthy This Christmas.

1. Buy lots of hand sanitizer

When researchers from Children’s Hospital in the country studied 100 families for 3 months, they found that those who carried hand sanitizer with them had 60% fewer cases of stomach problems than those that have not. This is because, when used correctly, press out enough of the gel so your hands still feel moist after rubbing together for 11 to 15 seconds, these products nearly  eliminate a whole lot of germs.

A bottle kept somewhere in your purse or bag (and in your husband’s or boyfriend’s briefcase and the kids’ backpacks or bags) is an excellent alternative to washing if you’ve just shaken a handful of hands and can’t get to a wash basin ASAP.

2. Express and free yourself

A constructive and fun filled argument with your boo can actually increase immunity, say  researchers. They asked  happy couples to discuss a fault in their marriage for 10 minutes. The researchers detected rapid flow in blood pressure, heart rate, and immune-related white blood cells, all of which were similar to the benefits seen with moderate exercise. But you still have to play and stay cool: Couples who frequently use sarcasm, insults, and put-downs have fewer virus-fighting natural killer cells, have higher levels of stress hormones, and take up to 40% longer to recover from injuries than those who manage to stay positive and affectionate during their quarrels.

Note: The worst thing you can do? is to Keep what’s bothering you bottled up: People with this type of personality (i.e those who keep their opinions and emotions hidden), have killer T cells that are less active than those found in more expressive people.

3. Challenging yourself

Setting  goals situations can work to your own advantage: “When we’re faced with adversity, we become hyper-alert and our bodies guard themselves against enemies.

So, even though some unresolved work stress can make you sick by suppressing immunity, raising your blood pressure, and increasing your risk of heart disease, the ups and downs of life, such as working toward a deadline or a raise, will actually provide a health boost.

4. Sign up for a  Massage

Massage therapy has been discovered to improve immune function and energy levels in patients. Experts believe this rubdown can extend even to those who are simply dealing with the daily pressures of life. A weekly kneading and massage, whether it’s a professional massage or simply a back rub from your spouse, can also increase ones mood boosters that may help protect your immunity, as well.

5. Turning in (Sleeping)

Getting yourself enough sleep is one of the most important thing to do during the winter season, because any other precautions you take against cold or flu, the right food, supplements, even medications won’t offer the same actual protection if your body’s too tired and weak to use them properly.

6. Stay alert and informed

How do you know If a viral  outbreak hits your community?  the best thing you can do is avoid crowds. “When you read about it in the newspaper or see it on the network news, that’s the time to buy a movie, renew your TV subscription and watch it at home, instead of going out to the theater.” Always keep yourself updated via the internet.



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