Most students, especially fresh graduates from high school, do not have the adequate information, to enable them make the right choice of course for their career. On many occasions, we have seen fresh college graduates when faced with life-after-school-experience, starts regretting their course of study in the university.

this is mostly important in our country where the rate of unemployment is alarming as opposed to the rate the school system graduates students every year. For those who are yet to make their career choices, in order to avoid the proverbial “had i known”, Here are the 5 best college majors for a lucrative career in Nigeria. Here are 10 ways to make money while in school


1. These are the top 5 best rewarding degrees one can study in Nigeria




Architecture is the process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other structural edifies, Students of this course tends to make money even when they are still undergraduates. Since one cannot do without shelter (building and infrastructure), one can not do without an Architect also. Unlike most courses where you have to stuff and stock up yourself in one lecture hall or the other, libraries, reading and writing all the time, a course in Architecture gives you the freedom to use the creative side of your brain. here, you get a lot of opportunities to showcase what you can do with your creative mind through the designing and planning of beautiful structures.



The nursing profession is one of the best profession one can study in Nigeria and the world at large. Because health is wealth, people are inclined to sacrifice their well-being, thus they visit hospitals, private clinics and health care practitioners for the health issues. Nursing and Health care are related course which generally focus on the care of individuals, communities, and families. so, they tend to care, maintain, advise, sustain and enhance the health needs of the people. Well, initially, they may not be getting mouth-watering and staggering amount of pay but you and i know that there are thousands of hospitals and clinics littered all over the country looking for Nursing practitioners to employ. Now ask yourself the question, “are you interested in Nursing? if yes, pursue your aspirations then.

3. Engineering


Engineering encompasses all other field of studies, this is the oldest profession and till date, engineers are thriving in the various area of expertise. the truth is that some areas of engineering, are more lucrative than others. for example, in Nigeria, those that studied chemical and petroleum engineering if employed are better placed than their counterpart who studied electrical, mechanical, civil and agricultural engineering. but the truth is that the latter can be self employed than the former. So, whatever the case may be, engineering is a nice and promising course of study.



Medicine is one, if not the most difficult and most expensive and most time draining course one can study in Nigeria. This course is so revered and adored that every youngster wants to study medicine. the job opportunities associated with this course is overwhelmingly flamboyant. Parents dreams to be called the mother or father of a doctor, i need not say much because it is overtly and obviously known by all and to all. While gunning for this course, one need to consider the cost and time frame, then the university requirement.



Well, we all know that quite a large number of students, are scared about this course. many people regards it as too hard but the truth remains that no course is a work over in the university. Large number of job opportunity and security abounds in this course because the demand has increased.

I hope this little piece is of great help to you in choosing your course of study. Do not fail to comment and share.



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