list of the Cheapest private universities in Nigeria

Searching of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria? This is a detailed list of the cost effective private universities in Nigeria.

Do you wish to study in a private university? Are you looking for a private college with less cost of study? 

If it is so,

Hang on! this article is written exactly for you. Read on! Even if you have lack of money, ignorance isn’t the way out.

Education is very important not only for your self-satisfaction and self-respect, but also for finding well-paid job that will bring you pleasure and money. What are the terms of studying in private universities in Nigeria?

A great number of people choose for their studies private universities because the admission is much easier if to compare with state or federal universities.

Nigeria private universities can welcome you if your score received during Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam is below minimum.

IMPORTANT! Bear in mind that not all Nigeria most cheap private universities can function on a legal basis under the confirmation of Nigerian Universities Commission.

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cheapest private universities

Here is The list of the

cheapest private universities in Nigeria that were approved by NUC:

1. Oduduwa University, Ile-Ife, price – N164,000;

It consists mainly of three colleges, such as: College of Management and Social Sciences, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Environmental Design and Management, College of Engineering and Technology.

2. Obong University, Obong Ntak, price – N170,000;

Such university is affiliated to Churches of Christ. Speaking about its sponsor, it is Rivergate Church of Christ in Madison, Tennessee.

Rhema University, Aba, price – N313,000; If you live in Abia state, you need to bear in mind that there are very few private universities in the state, and this one is among them.

Its benefit among others private universities of the state is that it has National Universities Commission license.

3. Babcock University, Remo, price – N340,000;

It is a Christian university which is affiliated to Seventh-day Adventist Church. University motto is Knowledge, Truth, Service. The location is between Ibadan and Lagos.

4. Adeleke University, Ede, price – N350,000;

Do you know who has established this university? – Davido’s father. Suppose that after you heard this information you won’t skip this university.

5. Covenant University, Ota, price – N432,000;

Such a university, like Babcock University, is a Christian one and is affiliated to Living Faith Church Worldwide.

Webometrics representatives claim it to be among the best higher educational establishments in the whole Nigeria. It is not surprising as its staff amounts to 1000 employees and 15.000 students.

6. Crawford University, Igbesa, price – N450,000;

Crawford University building Bear in mind that it is governed by Apostolic Faith Mission.

7. Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji, price – N500,000;

It was created by Christ Apostolic Church. There over 4000 students in this university. Bear in mind that studying there you must follow strict dress code.

8. Lead City University, Ibadan, price – N570,000.

Its motto is – Knowledge for self-reliance. Lead City University Pay attention that these are prices for one course of studies on the cheapest faculties. However, if you have good scores at the exam, you may try to enter federal university.

The prices will be much cheaper. Don’t even doubt! This is true due to the fact that Nigeria government is very generous in terms of subsidies for learning of really talented students.

Cheapest private universities in Nigeria Other important information is that having entered this university you won’t be able to join NYSC. It is very important as it is not possible to work in some governmental organization without NYSC participation.

So, the list above will enable you to make a choice depending on your money assets available.

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