List of Best Polytechnic courses to study in Nigeria

Do you know there courses which are best suited for polytechnics? I have here, a detailed description of the best polytechnic courses to study in Nigeria…

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I know you didn’t bargain to study in a Polytechnic, well you can’t continue blaming JAMB and yourself. Finding your way to a Polytechnic let me tell you the best Polytechnic courses you can study in Nigeria.

Best Polytechnic courses to study Currently


Before you read further, have you asked yourself “what is Polytechnic” or “what is a Polytechnic”.

Well, you can Google search the phrase “what is Polytechnic or polytecnic” or simply type “Polytechnic or polytecnic”, after all, Google is your friend.

I have never seen students so zealous like Archi students, simply because the course gives little or no time for unseriousness.

Do you know that studying this course in a reputable Polytechnic can place you on your own pay role while schooling? This is arguably one of my best Polytechnic courses in this list.

Well, aside blogging, I am a Mechanical Engineer in training. Studying mechanical engineering in the POLYTECHNIC is an added advantage as it creates a wide range of hands-on experience via various practical experience garnered during the course of study.

If you think you have or can develop the skills and knowledge to understand the requirements for designing and manufacturing a moving device or machine for the environment it will be used in as well as understand how it will best be manufactured, then you may make a good mechanical engineer.

Just like Mechanical engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering is another genre of engineering concerned with defining the technologies required for our future needs, including communication, entertainment, energy and healthcare.

Electrical and Electronic Engineers are involved in advances in medical technology, e-commerce, mobile telephones,etc.

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While your university counterparts is still battling with Strength of Material II, you are already a site Engineer, supervising projects even before graduation.

Civil Engineering is a course taken seriously in the Polytechnic. This could be your best Polytechnic courses to study so far.


Do you know that you can find your way around hardware and software engineering in a Polytechnic Through studying Computer Science/engineering? students gains a theoretical knowledge and a practical experience of a wide range of emerging technical methods, theories and techniques.

Food Technology is the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe, nutritious, and wholesome food.

It is the study of applying food science of selection, preservation, processing packaging, distribution, and use of nutritious… bla bla bla.

This course educates and trains you to the highest standards set by developing your knowledge of the economic, legal, technical and management aspects of quantity surveying.

You will learn how use to computing resources to design, analyze and financially manage the development, construction and costing of any building project etc.

It may interest you to know that Estate Management concerns the appraisal, acquisition, development, marketing and disposal of property, or sometimes the ongoing management of property. Estate Management is one of the best Polytechnic courses to study.

Estate Management includes wide category of commercial property such as offices, hotels, and retail development, or it can encompass. As an Estate Management student in the Polytecnic, you in for the real deal.

These are few of the best management courses to Study in a Polytechnic.

When Taught by leading academics, Public Administration and Management is suitable for those who want to obtain the skills and subject knowledge that will allow you to undertake management positions in the public sector or for private organizations working with the Government.

Note: No course is a waste, the post is highly opinionated.

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