Positive and Negative impacts of Youth Migration in Nigeria

Positive and Negative impacts of Youth Migration in Nigeria

Youth Migration cannot be all bad as it is a phenomenon that is here to stay. What then are the opportunities that it brings and how can Africa tap into this for its development. There are various opportunities and ways in which Africa as a continent can tap into this phenomenon to bring about development on the continent. Positive and Negative Impacts of Youth Migration in Nigeria

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It has been suggested that rather than a simplistic notion of ‘brain drain’ from developing countries, warranting barriers to emigration or some form of ‘ethical recruitment’ policy in destination countries, a much more nuanced view of skilled migration is required.


  • Increased in foreign investment
  • cultural integration
  • Exchange of vital ideas
  •  Friendly relationship between regions and countries of the world.
  • Technical, political and financial assistance and Aids
  • Improvement in trade
  • Regional integration and settlement of disputes among different parts of countries and the world at large.
  • Development  and expansion of market
  • Healthy global competition
  • Establishment of Joint projects.
  • Availability cheap goods and services
  • Religious and ethnic tolerance
  • Increase in foreign remittances


  • Racial abuse and discrimination
  • Transfer of diseases and sicknesses
  • Violence and killings
  • Pollution and environmental degradation
  • Foreign dominance of the domestic economy
  • Religious violence
  • Influx of contraband goods
  • Unemployment
  • Repatriation of profits
  • Congestion
  • Shortage of basic amenities
  • Food shortage
  • Foreign exchange depreciation
  • Deterioration of security situation
  • overdependence of foreign goods at expense of local ones
  • Brain drain.

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